Hoot 'n' Cat cafe, Kelso

First of all, we have to answer your question: where did that name come from and what the *!*!* does it mean?!

Well, as you walk thru' the door of the Borders' latest cafe the first thing you see is a hat and coat stand.

And that's where the name came from... one of new owner Susan Turnbull's daughters (Lois or Russett, we don't know which!)just couldn't say hat and coat stand and hoot 'n' cat would come out giving them all a laugh. So there you are... the name of the new cafe explained..

The deceptively fine Hoot 'n' Cat is simple to look at, with an equally simple menu but gobsmackingly reasonable in these sterling squeezing times.

The food is delicious - we had soup, one carrot and coriander and one good ol' pea and ham followed by tray bake millionaires' shortbread.

The pea and ham was kermit the frog green (no liquidiser jokes please) but totally mouthwatering and more than a match for some of the Borders' top restaurants, the carrot and coriander was equally good.

The tray bakes were small and perfectly formed and again delicious so reports that Susan Turnbull's new cafe is heaving is not at all surprising.

Go there, try the paninis, the baked tatties and other simple but scrumptious choices...

Hoot 'n' Cat cafe, Kelso

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