Ednam House Hotel, Kelso

We have enjoyed a few imaginative and tasty bar lunches at surprisingly good value prices at Ednam House Hotel on the banks of the River Tweed in Kelso recently so we thought a bar supper with a similar formula would do the trick.

It was disappointing to find that there are no bar suppers at 'The Ednam' - we didn't want to leave the comfy, characterful bar but were ushered through to the dining room.

This room is much more formal and appeals to the clientele, but it doesn't share the ambience of the rest of the hotel. One course at £16 would be our bar supper - we were 50 per cent fortunate with excellent salmon salad and lamb with fruity cous cous, but the duck confit was disappointing acoording to our companions.

We feel that the confit choice was just bad luck on their part and ours based on the quality of the food we have tasted there recently. There's high emphasis on using fresh local produce and it shows.

The French restaurant manager was totally charming and offered us complimentary coffee in the lounge. This beautiful room is just fabulous,capacious with awesome plasterwork ceilings and an array of comfy chairs, some antique and some not so antique to sink into.

If you go there - and we recommend that you do - you may love the imaginative menus and the friendliness of the hotel and its staff, but you'll be blown away by the setting a stone's throw from the River Tweed's world-famous Junction Pool- even on the calmest of days.

We promise.

Stop Press: We've had an email from Anne Brooks at The Ednam to say they will be serving casual dinners in the new bistro at the hotel entrance from June so give it a try!
Ednam House Hotel, Kelso

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