Jammy Coo, Lilliesleaf

A truly excellent coffee shop ingeniously named The Jammy Coo is situated at the fork of the roads in Lilliesleaf, locally known as 'The Leaf'.

Delia who runs the show bakes the squishy and oozingly gorgeous cakes. Trying to decide between the mountainous chocolate cake and the moist carrot cake is not easy.

Lunch goes along the lines of home made soup and paninis crammed with bacon and brie,generous freshly made salad, a splodge of home made cranberry chutney and a few crunchy nachos tossed on just to make sure your plate is overwhelmingly full.

It's a gallery too with some art worth checking out including some by this Superwoman Delia and her sister Holly Surplice who creates quirky illustrations of animals (including the Jammy Coo).

There's some good looking jewellery by local designer Philippa Hain, daughter of talented local artists Rob and Maggie.

Enjoy the welcome and sincerely good food and hands up those who painted their walls pink after a visit.

Closed on Mondays.
Jammy Coo, Lilliesleaf

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