SBC helps local economy

£2.4million investment to stimulate local economy

Scottish Borders Council is working to stimulate the local economy and build a 'Bright Future for the Borders'.

The recently-announced budget for the local authority included a £2.4million package of investments to help support the Borders' economy.

This capital will be directed in the following package of investments:

* £1.2m for property refurbishment (to protect/stimulate jobs)

* £0.8m for land/property acquisition (affordable housing and to stimulate jobs)

* £0.4m for road improvements (to protect/stimulate jobs)

£1.2m has been set for property refurbishment throughout the Scottish Borders to protect existing jobs and stimulate new employment through the progression of current projects and the development of new projects.

£0.8m will be directed to the acquisition of land and property. This investment will be directed at the creation of affordable housing and, as a result, the stimulation of jobs.

£0.4m has been included as part of the accelerated capital spend for the protection and stimulation of jobs through road improvements.

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