Crossing Borders

How much is that Rob(bie)in the window?

Local artist Rob Hain was asked to paint a picture in a display window of Jenners Department Store in Princes Street, Edinburgh just before Christmas. Rob, who's a member of the Wasps Studio in Selkirk, portrayed The Mound and Edinburgh Castle in a characteristically vivid acrylic painting. This had been organised by Bob Corsie of The Breeze Gallery, Jenners and Peebles, and thanks to a mic outside the window Rob was able to chat to passers by.

Striking up a conversation with a growing crowd, Rob included some of the characters in the painting including two young siblings and an elderly lady in her nineties. To his surprise, he was later approached by the children's grandfather to purchase the painting, and the elderly lady asked to buy a print too.

"This was a fun experience and selling the painting and print to participants was an unexpected surprise. As a member of Crossing Borders featuring over 100 artists who will be exhibiting their work in an open studio week in the autumn it is fun to publicise what we do in unexpected ways to raise the profile of the event."

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