Borders Organic Growers

BOG are well ahead of the game and already publicising produce day at The Maltings (theatre) in Berwick on 14 September. There will be an inspiring display of flowers, fruit and veg. But first we need to take that trip to the Garden Centre - Woodside near Harestanes at Ancrum is great because they can help take the fear out of growing by giving you loads of advice.

For the uninitiated BOG stands for Borders Organic Gardeners and has nothing to do with marshes. BOG is an association of gardeners throughout the Borders and North Northumberland who are keen to use and support organic methods.

BOG runs events including the annual Potato Day and Apple Day. Also, members receive a newsletter, can attend workshops, visit gardens, talks and social events. For just a fiver a year (per household) they can get access to information, support, advice and the chance to exchange plants, seeds and gardening experiences with other organically minded gardeners.

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Borders Organic Growers

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