Bicycles for Africa

Project Zambia to get Africa back on its wheels

The Gala Christian Centre plans to send second hand restored bikes and other possible items from the Scottish Borders to families, businessmen, children, orphanages, and the people of Zambia.

Their goal is to ship 300 bikes and other useful items to Zambia. Presently, they have 163 bicycles, and they aim to ship 300 to fill a 40 ft container.

Church members and volunteers will be cleaning and restoring the donated bikes from mid December and they are working with an organisation that specialises in flying equipment and supplies to remote villages.

There will be fundraising activities to help finance this project including a dance and raffle in January and a "wax-a-thon" at the end of February.

It is hoped that the container will leave Scotland in March 2009 so if you can donate a bicycle (or two) before then please contact:
Bicycles for Africa

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