Arthur of the Borders conference

Dumfries and Galloway will be celebrating Homecoming on your doorstep with the Arthur of the Borders one-day conference, a joint initiative of the University of Glasgow and The Arthurian Society of Arthuret

WHEN: Saturday 12 September
WHERE: Browne House, Crichton University Campus, Dumfries.
NITTY GRITTY: 9.30 am registration (fee £20/person, coffee & lunch included)
MORE NITTY GRITTY 10 am to 4 pm.

Alastair Moffat and Eric Robson will be joining speakers including Prof Ted Cowan, Professor of Scottish History and Andrew Manson, chair of the Arthurian Society of Arthuret to explore the breadth of interest in the long-troubled history of the Greater Borders from the Romans to the Reivers.

The seldom acknowledged, yet very evident continuity of Arthurian legend in the region, rewards enquiry. Conference speakers will be digging and delving into locations and references that have inspired art and literary works from the depths of the region’s history. From plausible Roman roots, and through the riding men of the medieval ages, the energy of the Arthurian myth was carried to the wider world. Scholars affirm doubt upon any one King Arthur, but many are intrigued by the aura of the legend and no region has a better claim.


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