The Town House, Melrose

Now this may look like favoritism, and it's certainly not meant to be, but like Burts we're writing about another Henderson establishment.

James who runs The Town House is the brother of Burts man Nick, and son of the 'grand fromage' Graham. This place is not however a clone of Burts, it's quite individually stylish.
The first thing that strikes you about the place is the decor. It's modern, but definitely more than magnolia, and it's a pleasure just to sit there and look around before you even check out the menu.
The food is a tad pricier than other hotels in the town, but it's definitely worth it for a treat (or more often if you're loaded!).
Last time we were there we had lamb and it was delectable, in fact more than delectable, sublime. The desserts are straight from the Masterchef set, delightfully wicked.
The Town House, Melrose

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